Your Multi-Information Display Keeps You Safe in the Toyota Highlander

We at Mann Toyota, have become enamored with the Multi-Information-Display on the Toyota Highlander that can play a role in keeping you safe when you are driving around Prestonsburg.

Among the many benefits of your MID brings in the Toyota Highlander is the ability to find out information about the road on which you are driving such as the speed and any other desired information. The Highlander is equipped with an innovative technology known as Road Sign Assist that can make sure you are staying within the speed limit and are aware of the road ahead. The front-facing camera of the Toyota Highlander is linked to the MID on the dashboard and has the ability to read the signs on the road ahead that you may miss and bring this information to your screen.

The Toyota Highlander will make sure you are aware of the road ahead and keep you safe with its use of innovative technology.


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