If you have a lifestyle that involves carrying extra vehicles or otherwise a ton of items, then you need vehicles like the 2019 Toyota Tacoma in order to handle all of the heavy lifting. The Tacoma is built to be very capable and strong so that you can carry and tow items.

If you are into riding dirt bikes, then the Tacoma is the perfect vehicle for you to use with the high towing capacity. With the powerful engine, the Toyota Tacoma is able to tow 6800 lbs. You can also load the Tacoma with up to 1440 lbs in payload capacity.

You can also tow anything in a safe manner with the trailer sway control feature. This feature is included in the Tow package which is available for the Tacoma. With the TSC, individual brakes are applied as needed at the wheels and torque is used to keep in control of the trailer.



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