Safety In An Accident with the Toyota Camry

When you're driving the Toyota Camry and have children in the car, they can stay as safe as possible with the rear door child-protector locking system. This system prevents children from being able to unlock the door while the vehicle is in motion. There is also a power window lockout system to prevent children from lowering the windows.

The steering wheel in the Camry is collapsible and energy-absorbent. This is a safety feature that is designed to offer benefits if you're in an accident as your chances of being injured on the wheel are decreased. There are crumple zones on the front and back of the car that will absorb most of the impact if you're in an accident in Prestonsburg.

Side doors on the Camry have been reinforced with beams to give extra support in the event of an accident involving the sides of the car instead of the front of back. Collision sensors alert you if you there is a possibility of an impending accident on the road. Mann Toyota can assist with adjusting the sensors if needed so that you can clearly hear them in the car.



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