What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Enjoy the convenience of a well-maintained vehicle with regular oil changes. Many auto manufacturers recommend synthetic oil blends for their cars, however we know that many drivers are confused about synthetic oil and oil blends for their cars. A technician can provide a recommendation in regards to specific models.

Scientists have developed synthetic oils from special components that don't break down as fast as traditional oils. Vehicles over 75,000 miles benefit greatly from synthetic oils. What makes synthetic oil different from conventional oil?

Synthetic oils are designed to increase fuel economy as well as decrease fuel consumption. Drivers that choose this blend can go longer between oil changes per auto manufacturers. Older engines with worn and leaky seals can benefit from using synthetic oil blends and full synthetic oil. Synthetic oils are great for engines which are under severe driving conditions.

In Prestonsburg, KY, the Mann Toyota service station has technicians that can provide recommendations in regards to synthetic oil versus synthetic blends. Arrange your next Toyota maintenance and repair appointment with us soon!

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